Cadmium in Water Samples determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry after Solid Phase Extraction using DOWEX 50WX2 resin

Yuniar Yuniar, Siti Nuraini


Pre concentration of  Cd(II)  in water samples was carried out by using  column solid phase extraction  DOWEX 50WX2 prior to flame atomic absorption spectrometry analized. The optimum  extraction conditions such as pH (5),  sample flow rate (1 mL min−1), volume of eluent HNO3 1N (10 mL) and sample volume (50 mL) was determined. The limit of detections was found 0.2697  µg L−1. The accuracy was determined by analyzid spiked water samples used Cd CRM 0.1 mg L-1 traceable to SRM standard solution NIST. Percent recovery and relative standard deviation were found 93% and  6%, respectively. Conclusion this preparation method effective for determination of ion Cd (II) in water with flame-SSA..

Keywords: SPE,Cd, Dowex 50WX2, Flame-SSA

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