Analysis of Biodiesel Conversion on Raw Material Variation Using Statistical Process Control Method

Winny Andalia, Irnanda Pratiwi, Susila Arita


Biodiesel is a alternative fuel that can be obtained from vegetable oils or animal fats through transesterification reactions with alcohol. Biodiesel has numerous advantages compared to diesel oil, namely: it is a renewable energy resource, it is not toxic, and it is environmentally friendly because the raw material does not contain sulfur and low emissions. Biodiesel production is inseparable from the availability of raw materials, until now the raw materials that meet the needs of production capacity are palm oil (CPO). To overcome this problem, in this study we want to find out how much biodiesel conversion percentage if we use other raw materials such as: CPO oil, corn oil, VCO oil, and waste cooking oil. The analysis used in this study was the analysis of the use of raw materials to the value of biodiesel conversion using the Stastical Process Control (SPC) method. SPC method was used to analyze, manage, control, and improve a product and process using statistics. The objective of this study was to produce high conversion percentage biodiesel, and analyze and control the quality of research products. By having this statistical methods, it could be found errors in a study or out of control production so that further action can be taken to overcome them. In this study, it was found that the product which was outside of the control limit was biodiesel made from CPO and waste cooking oil. The results of the analysis using cause and effect diagrams could determine the causes of damage in the production process, which come from the factors of workers/humans, production machines, working methods, materials/raw materials and work environment. 

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